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Hotfolder does not pick-up files anymore

The hotfolder can only process specific file types such as : PDF, Postscript, DCS-Postscript, PPML-VDX, PDF-VT and XPS.
When other file-types are dropped in the HotFolder, you will be notified via the message board or the job goes in error (red triangle).

Sometimes, the HotFolder isn't picking up files anymore and jobs are not sent to the next Task Processor.
Most of the time, this is caused by a file which can't be processed by the HotFolder.
This is indicated in the Joblist, where you can see a lightning Icon or a red triangle in front of the Job :
Notifications for Job or HotTicket
These are the notifications reported by the Scheduler and the Hotfolder:
Job '[JobName]' cannot continue because no 'HotFolder' Task Processor can process it. See detailed info below.
Task Processor is in error state. Check System Overview for Task Processor status.

When you go to the System Overview in the Prepress Client, you will notice that the HotFolder TaskProcessor is stopped (blinds) or has crashed (in red).

Try restarting the HotFolder TP with a right mouse click and select (re)start.
If the problem remains, you probably have a corrupt PDF in the HotFolder location. You need to go to the location of the HotFolder and remove the specific input file manually:

  1. Locate the file and edit the related Job from the job list
  2. Select the HotFolder TP
  3. Browse to the HotFolder location with the Windows Explorer.
    HotFolder location settings
  4. Remove the corrupted files in this location
    Corrupt file in Hotfolder
  5. Restart the HotFolder