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Pages are not openend in the PDF viewer application.

When a new Prepress Client is installed on a workstation, it could happen that itÂ’s not possible to open the pdf files from the runlist or thumbnails.
The :Apogee Prepress Client shows the following warning when trying to open the pdf file: No application is configured to view files of this type.
Open 'Preferences'to configure a viewer.
No application configured warning

This can be caused by several reasons:

  • No pdf viewer application (such as Adobe Acrobat) is installed
  • The pdf viewer was installed after the installation of the prepress client
  • The application is not recognized as a pdf viewer.

In most cases this can be solved by selecting the specific application manually:
  1. Open the preferences in the Prepress Client
  2. Open 'Edit'-tab and select 'PreferencesÂ…'
  3. Select the 'Viewers'-tab
  4. Browse your 'Program Folder' (win) or 'Application' (mac) to select you PDF viewing application.

  5. Viewers preferences window