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Is the :Apogee Prepress Hardware in good shape?

When using an Agfa TKS (TurnKey Solution) equipment, it is possible to check the hardware via the HP System Management Homepage. This tool provides a quick overview of the hardware and verifies if it is in good shape.
It checks the CPU, Memory, Storage, Fans and much more.

How to perform a quick check of the hardware.
  1. Open the System Management Homepage via the Start button in the Taskbar.
    Start the HP System Management Homepage

  2. Login with the Windows Administrator username and password.
    HP System Management Login

  3. After logging in, you will get a green checkbox if the hardware is OK.
    HP System Management Status OK

  4. Press "Legend" to check the different statuses and find out if you need to take action.
    HP System Management Legend

  5. You should contact your IT Department or your local Agfa Service Engineneer when the checkbox is Critical or Major.