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Functional change for Proofer Raster Previews from Apogee Prepress 7.1 onwards

Since Agfa Apogee Prepress 7.1 all Raster Previews of proofing flows are now showing the color managed proofer results, this was not the case in the previous :Apogee Prepress versions.
What does this mean?
It means that the Raster Preview will show all the proofer's inks as separations.
This is mainly useful when you use the Proofer as main output device. Therefore this feature is especially useful for MPress and Spice. This enhancement also includes support for SoftProof (Display Task Processor with and without WebApproval) and rule-ups. A side effect of this change is that we will now show the Rule-Ups that you have enabled for your proofer in the proof Raster preview (without having to enable the Rule-Ups in the Raster Preview - Rule ups palette).

One has created an :Apogee Prepress job with a Proofing TP and 2 spotcolors.
Previous :Apogee Prepress versions of the Proofer Raster Preview will show us all the process colors and the spotcolors.
Proofer Raster Preview Prepress 6

Since :Apogee PrePress 7.1 the Proofer Raster Preview no longer shows spot colors in the Inks Pallette, but the proofer's inks.
Proofer Raster Preview Prepress 7.1