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APOGEE > TaskProcessors cannot be stopped or started from System Overview window


TaskProcessors cannot be stopped or started from the :Apogee Prepress System Overview window.

It might happen that a TaskProcessor cannot be started or stopped from the System overview.
To resolve this:

  • Go to the system where your TaskProcessor is installed.
  • Place your mouse on top of the taskbar, right-click and choose 'Task Manager' in the contextual menu
    Task Manager in taskbar
  • Select the process of the TaskProcessor you wish to stop or start, right-click and choose 'End Process' in the contextual menu.
    End Process in Task Manager
  • Select the TaskProcessor in the System Overview window of the :Apogee Prepress client. Right-click the TaskProcessor and choose 'Start' from the contextual menu.
    Start TaskProcessor in System Overview window