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ABS HS Screens vs. ABS XM Enhanced

On the apogeeX DVD resources/halftones you can find the ABS HS screens.
These screens are the same as ABS XM enhanced, but 7.5 degrees tilted and are also using the XM technology!
This guarantees a dot reproduction from 1 to 99% if you pick the correct highlight shadow combination.
H2S2 stands for a minimal dot of 2 by 2 pixels in the highlights and a minimal hole of 2 by 2 pixels in the shadows.

Why tilt your screens?

Due to circumstances your prints show some banding or moiré.
Especially the angle of 0 degrees and 45 degrees can show these issues.
Tilt your screens by 7.5 degrees can make a difference.
These screens have also the same quality as our ABS screens and are also free of charge.
ABS HS - Titled Angles