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Enhancements to ColorTune Display

ColorTune Display

At A Glance:

Improved softproof validation, support for Eizo monitor with built-in spectrophotometer

Applies To:

ColorTune 10.5 (Apogee Color Quality Manager license)

How It Works:

ColorTune Display is designed to calibrate and characterize your LCD monitor for consistent viewing of colors on the display. It also bundles ColorTune Display Helper (Mac) or ColorTune Display Tool (PC) which monitors the active display Profile and passes the information to Apogee Prepress and Portal so a controlled accurate soft proofing workflow is obtained.

Note that the current Mac ColorTune Display version is 8.

Eizo GC245 with build-in spectrophotometer

New to ColorTune Display 10.5 is the support for Eizo GC245 with a build-in spectrophotometer. Eizo ColorEdge Monitors can be calibrated in hardware (16-bit accuracy), but a USB connection between the monitor and the Mac or PC is necessary.

The ColorTune Display license allows it to be used on all Mac (10.4.4 and higher) and PC workstations.

Why is this Important?

Completely hands free calibration and profiling of the CG245 display is possible. ColorTune display allows all local monitors to be checked regularly for consistent calibration.