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Enhancements to ColorTune Measure

ColorTune Measure

At A Glance:

New targets and new reading capabilities have been added to ColorTune Measure. Enhancements to the 3D visualization tools have been made.

Applies To:

ColorTune 12.0 (Apogee Color Quality Manager license)

How It Works:

ColorTune Measure is designed to generate and measure printed color characterization targets with the most commonly used spectrophotometers, and to report the results.

ColorTune Measure can generate color characterization targets with a number of spectrophotometers. The targets can be customized in terms of design (patch size, ordering, document size). Export formats are: TIFF), EPS, PS and PDF.

The list of displayed targets in the :ColorTune Measure application can be customized.

The gamut of measurement files and ICC profiles can be analyzed in 3D and 2D crosssection plots in an extended set of theoretical color spaces. ColorTune Measure 12.0 can visualize both LUT and Matrix based RGB (Display) profiles in 3D gamut visualization.

ColorTune Measure 12.0 can be used for spot measurements with the following devices:

Gretag SpectroEye, Spectrolino, and EyeOne; X-Rite DTP45 and DTP530

Density values can be added to the measurement file. The following density filters are supported: Status A, Status T, Status E/DIN, Status M, Status I

Drivers for supported devices should be installed from the manufacturer supplied CD/ DVD. Alternately, you can find then in the Goodies folder on the ColorTune CD.

ColorTune Measure 12.0 contains a new feature called Press Validation. Press control strips can be validated for compliance against the ISO12647-2 and 3 standards. Additionally Apogee Prepress Press calibration curves can be created to compensate for dotgain deviations of a press (even on non linear calibration curves).

ColorTune Measure is supported on Windows Operating Systems (64 bit only): Windows 8, Windows 10 + Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019.

ColorTune Measure requires an Apogee Color Quality Manager license for Report generation and 3D gamut visualizations.

Why is this Important?

ColorTune Measure allows a wider group of tools to validate a larger group of targets to an increasing list of standards in an effort to ensure the best adherence to industry standards ever.