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Enhancements to ColorTune Spot

At A Glance:

Support for more reading devices, export swatches to Adobe Applications

Applies To:

ColorTune 7.0 (Apogee Color Quality Manager license)

How It Works:

ColorTune Spot is designed to measure spot colors and save color profile data which can be exported to Apogee Prepress Color Books as well as most Adobe applications.

ColorTune Spot supports the following spectrophotometer devices:
Gretag SpectroEye, and Spectrolino; X-Rite EyeOne, DTP45, and DTP530

Reading Devices

ColorTune Spot exports color data in the following formats:

  • Apogee Prepress Color Book
  • Apogee series 2.dat format
  • PhotoShop Color Book
  • PhotoShop Swatch Palette
  • Indesign Swatch Palette
  • Illustrator Swatch Palette
  • Artpro Ink Book
  • Tab Delimited

Advanced CMM in the Gamut Warning Sets is only available when the selected Destination profile is an Agfa profile created in ColorTune 4.2 or higher.

ColorTune Spot 7.0 is supported in Windows 2003 Server Sp1 or higher, Windows XP Sp3, Windows Vista Sp1 or higher and Windows 7.

Why is this Important?

Matching precise custom spot inks requires a tool to measure, record and distribute the precise spectral values to the color-aware parts of the workflow. Accurate spot color mixing in PDFRender requires spectral color book information such as the type created in ColorTune Spot.