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Consistent Color Proofing

Proofer Task Processors

At A Glance
Since many years, Apogee Prepress has hard copy and soft proofing integrated. The Apogee Proof Task Processor drives a great range of Epson Stylus Pro printers, HP printers and all SherpaProof systems as well as a range of 3rd party printers. The client server technology puts you in control from anywhere in the network through an intuitive graphical user interface. With built-in colour management and output quality control, the Apogee Prepress system delivers absolute proofing accuracy. In case of soft proofing, it is the Display Task processor that delivers color accurate previews on display and tracks and adjusts the monitor quality of all soft proof workstations within the Apogee workflow.
How It Works
Integrated Proofing enables Apogee Prepress to render low resolution proof files. The proof can be sent to the proofer directly, or as a TIFF file, PostScript or PDF.

Apogee Prepress uses the same digital masters (PDF files) to render for proof as it does for high resolution output. The same renderer creates both high-and low-resolution files.

With the standard delivered Quality Manager Software tools (QMS), every proofer in the workflow is calibrated using the same tonal target curve. As a result, every proofer behaves identically and the same ICC color profile can be used on all machines. QMS interfaces with all by Apogee supported list of Epson Stylus Pro printers, HP printers and the SherpaProof systems.

Agfa's Proofing Certification Toolkit makes ISO certified proofing possible and is standard available to all Apogee users.

In case of making use of accurate soft proofing in the Apogee Workflow, all tools to calibrate and characterize a display are by default available. However, for the real color specialists who wants to even more optimize the proofer output quality themselves, the optional ''Apogee Color Quality Manager'' license is the right tool to be used in conjunction with hard copy proofing and soft proofing inside Apogee. With the ''Apogee Color Quality Manager'', Agfa offers the right tools to optimize ICC profiles and to create a report of the ISO certified proofing system that can be shown to the outside world. It offers the most intelligent automation in color management so far, ranging from automatic certification by supporting the build-in SpectroProofer fitted in the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and 9900 printers to automatic and high quality adjustments of a monitor that runs out of colors when compared to the industry standard's gamut. It activates zooming in the Apogee Prepress raster preview without quality loss with different zooming levels and XML communication between all soft proof workstations within the Apogee workflow.

Why is this Important?
Without predictable proofs at critical points in the production cycle, no communication and cooperation can happen between the all production parties concerned.
Integrated hard copy and soft proofing in Apogee offers a reference to approve and makes it a commitment. Printing and proofing to ISO standards ensures that every participant looks at the same proof wherever they are at the press, in pre-press or on the monitor in the designer's studio. Reproducing colors accurate and consistent matters, it preserves one's brand and guarantees a faster go-to-market.