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Digital Film Management

Digital Film Manager / Digital Film Proof
At A Glance
It's all about ROOM... Raster Once, Output Many.
To increase the output performance, Apogee Prepress can re-image rendered data to save time. The rendered data can also be used as a base for a digital film proof.
Applies To:
Apogee Control, Apogee Manage, Apogee Integrate
How It Works
Working with Digital Film Manager needs a significant amount of extra disk space. Because raster data can be quite large and customers want the data to be available for some time, increased disk storage is needed.

Set the 'keep result' flag at the end of the render process.

Keep result

Right clicking on the image plate data, or on the imaged separation data will give you the option to re-image the job (Flat) or separation.

Re-image Flat or Separation

The raster data will be available until the user deletes the job. Of course, the job can be archived before deleting it. Doing this, the data will be stored of a predefined location for a predefined time.

In combination with Digital Film Manager, Digital Film Proof can be used as well. With Digital Film Proof, the render data will be re-used for downsampling and de-screening for outputting on an Agfa Graphics proofer.

Why is this Important?
Because time is money! If, for what reason whatsoever, a plate needs to be re-imaged, it won't need to be re-rendered because the plate data (digital film) is stored by the Apogee Prepress system. Storing digital film will increase the output performance, and it will provide the re-imaging with consistency and reliability.