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Dummy creation

Split for Proof
At A Glance
Imposed files are hard to proof on a, for example A4 laser printer. To make this possible, the Split for Proof functionality will split up a defined Impositioning file into a 1-up or 2-up output without any restrictions. This way, a dummy booklet can be created in an automatic way.
Applies To:
Apogee Manage, Apogee Integrate
How It Works
Imposed files can be split-up to be printed on an A4 or A3 color printer.

Within the Apogee Prepress workflow, the operator needs to define if the proof should be a 1-up (e.g. for an A4-printer) or 2-up (e.g. for an A3-printer).

Split for Proof

Apogee Prepress is even capable of bringing different imposed sheets together, even if they are targeted to be outputted on different devices (e.g. digital printer and CtP).

Imposed Sheet
Why is this Important?
Creating a dummy booklet of your (imposed) job and print it out on an inkjet- or laser printer, will save costs on the content proof. The Split for Proof functionality will also increase productivity due to the ease of use.