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Integration finishing

At A Glance
To shorten the setup time in the finishing department, :Apogee Prepress can generate page and cutting information which can be consumed by JDF/JMF capable finishing equipment. Cutting blocks are transferred through JDF to the cutting devices, which support JMF information.

Besides the reduction of setup time, it will also eliminate human errors since the setup is done automatically.

Applies To:
:Apogee Manage, :Apogee Integrate
How It Works
Having the PostPress Link installed on the :Apogee Prepress system, a JDF/JMF file will be created containing page and cutting information. This JDF/JMF file will be send to the cutting or trimmer device which is supporting JDF/JMF as well.
Prepress Link
Why is this Important?
Having the post-press integrated within the complete production process, is another step towards complete automation. Integrate your prepress system from input to output, including MIS, press and post-press, will speed up your production process and make it even more reliable as it already is today.