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Technology Update: PitStop 8.0
At A Glance
Apogee Prepress 6 updates the Preflight module to include Enfocus PitStop 8.0 technology.
Applies To:
Automate, Manage*, PDF & Proof
How It Works
The update allows you to use PitStop 8 created profiles and actions and provides hyperlinks in Preflight reports for both PitStop 7 and 8 (Macintosh & Windows). Your older profiles and actions will continue to work, plus you may create or update your profiles and actions with PitStop 8.

Manage users continue to be restricted by licensing to using only actions that are installed with the Prepres system. You may not use actions within Prepress that you’ve created in PitStop.

CPSI Render Icon

The operation of the Preflight task does not change.

Why is this Important?
Many of you have already updated your copy of PitStop. This technology update lets you take advantage of the newer profiling functions introduced in PitStop 8. For more information on Enfocus PitStop, please go to www. enfocus.com.