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InkDrive Changes

Enhancements: InkDrive Option
At A Glance
Enhancements to InkDrive give Apogee more flexibility for creating ink data.

Applies To:
Apogee Render/Control, Apogee Manage, Apogee Integrate, Apogee PlateMaker

How It Works
InkDrive has several features. The most important feature is the ability to context-click on a result and re-send the InkDrive data for that flat. This allows the user to send only a single re-make. Remake InkDrive for Flat

The menu choice is available regardless of where the ink data is generated (after rendering, after imaging). Contextual data ignores the file format (Single file per sheet, Single file per side, etc.) and produces ink data for the selected flat or signature.

Printing Tab

In the Image tab, there is a checkbox to disable linearization information on the ink data. The default is to leave the box checked which matches the behavior of previous releases.

InkDrive Tab

In the Contents tab, the optional check box for Include Plate Size has new behavior. The ink data will be created even if this is selected in combination with create InkDrive file after rendering. In earlier versions, nothing was created.

InkDrive Tab

Why is this Important?

Creating InkDrive data from individual sheets gives Apogee more flexibility with remakes. Only the selected flats are sent to the receiving system. This is significant when very large jobs are being sent.

The ability to disable Linearization is an option that was requested by certain users. Now InkDrive supports that possibility. Overall, InkDrive has more features and flexibility with more devices.