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Ink Optimizing

:Apogee InkSave
At A Glance
The name says it all! We've invested a lot to help you save a lot. InkSave is uniquely :Apogee, utilizing technology within your system and :Apogee Color characterizations. The point of InkSave is to reduce your ink costs while maintaining color fidelity, detail and gray balance. This option automatically transforms your output from within the workflow, reducing cyan, magenta and yellow ink coverage. With InkSave, there's no need to customize your source files or process your work through a third party application.
Applies To:
:Apogee Manage, :Apogee Integrate
How It Works
Learn more about how :Apogee InkSave can improve the quality and stability of your printing processes, while reducing job costs through an effective ink savings process. This instructive presentation covers Agfa’s InkSave technology, general use and installation prerequisites. The example presented in the video is based on the US and South American printing market. In case of European, Asian or oceanic printing markets, presses are usually PSO (Process Standard Offset) calibrated.

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Why is this Important?
Today’s printing is challenged by rising cost. Also, quality and productivity demands are rising at the same time. :Apogee’s Prepress InksSave is a key enabler for cost reductions. It is designed to automatically preserve and enhance quality and on top of that it reduces ink costs as well.