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MIS (JDF) integration

Enhancements: InkDrive Option
At A Glance
:Apogee Integrate is designed to accommodate the production needs of large commercial printing operations. For maximum automation, communication through JDF is provided to connect :Apogee Integrate with any JDF enabled MIS system. Through JDF intake, prepress tasks are defined and jobs are automatically processed.
Top-Level Workflow
:Apogee Integrate top-level workflow

:Apogee Integrate adapts easily and economically to match any of your functionality and throughput needs. :Apogee Integrate can be scaled to a multi-platform (above 4 platforms) workhorse with a build in security to minimize down times and maximum production.

Applies To:
:Apogee Integrate

The JDF/JMF (MIS) link is now fully part of :Apogee Integrate. If a MIS integration is needed, :Apogee integrate is needed. It is no longer possible to have this enhancer available on :Apogee Manage.

How It Works
With :Apogee Integrate, which contains the JDF/JMF (MIS) Link by default, complete automation of the prepress process, within the complete print process, is possible. :Apogee Integrate will be completely integrated with other JDF/JMF enabled products, such as a MIS system or a Press Control system.

Jobs originating from within the MIS system are automaticaaly passed along to :Apogee Integrate. The received JDF will automatically setup a job in :Apogee Integrate, select the required parameters, and create all necessary proofs and plates. Production information, such as job status and created proofs, plates and reference to ink key data are automatically communicated back to the MIS via JMF.

How it Works
Why is this Important?
:Apogee Integrate brings you the benefits of PDF, JDF and digital film. It connects prepress production with business processes and other JDF aware applications for seamless end-to-end workflow automation. If you want to automate your prepress processes through the use of JDF/JMF (MIS) technology, :Apogee integrate provides an answer to this need.