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Custom Media Wizard

At A Glance:

Custom Media Wizard is a tool within QMS that allows custom media types to be defined and added to Agfa Apogee Prepress. These can be calibrated and profiled like existing media.

Applies To:

ColorTune 7 (Apogee Color Quality Manager license)

The Custom Media Wizard is a chargeable option. Agfa will provide the color expertise required to fine-tune new media.

How It Works:

Inside QMS, a user now has the ability to create a new Media Type. Once the Media Type is created and configured, it is loaded into Prepress.

Custom Media Wizard Custom Media Wizard Custom Media Wizard

Inside QMS, quality settings and paper feed values are adjusted as necessary for the new media. A Calibration Target File (CTF) is printed and measured. After it is measured, the CTF button in QMS opens a series of graph windows.

Custom Media Wizard Custom Media Wizard Custom Media Wizard

The graphs indicate problem areas from the measured target. Within the graphs, a pencil icon allows the user to open the Partial Ink Editor and tweak the graphs for each color to get smooth transitions and balanced ink values. After all edits are completed, a new target is printed and measured. This creates a custom Ink Table for the new media. The Ink Table is verified with a proofer check. A custom Proofer Profile can then be created to characterize the newly added media.

Why is this Important?

Custom Media Wizard allows a larger collection of media to be used successfully for proofing within :APOGEE Prepress.