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:Apogee iPhone App

At A Glance
In times of mobile communications, Agfa Graphics has created a special iPhone App, which allows the user to connect to his :Apogee Prepress server from a iPhone or iPod Touch.

The :Apogee Prepress App allows you to visualize the JDF submitted job list and to track the Prepress production.
Also, a quick check of a specific job before imaging is possible. Last, but not least, a status overview of the Prepress equipment (proofers, CtP's and other output devices) can be displayed with the :Apogee Prepress iPhone App.

Applies To:
:Apogee Prepress v7 (JDF server needs to be installed, configured and accessible over the internet) Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
How It Works
You can download the :Apogee Prepress App with your iPhone or iPod Touch from the Apple AppStore.
:Apogee iPhone App

The App is free of charge.

:Apogee iPhone App

Once the :Apogee Prepress App is installed, go to settings where you can set the name (JMF server url) of the :Apogee Prepress server. This could be the real server name (DNS) or the ip-address.

An internet connection is needed to access the :Apogee Prepress server.

:Apogee iPhone App

When the connection to the :Apogee Prepress server is established, the job list or the device status can be displayed on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

:Apogee iPhone App :Apogee iPhone App

Above screen captures: job list & device list

Job list
A list of jobs will be displayed when clicking the 'Jobs' button. Only JDF submitted jobs such as MIS initiated jobs or jobs available on your :Apogee PlateMaker server will be listed. Jobs created within the :Apogee user interface cannot be displayed on the :Apogee App.

3 colors are used to provide information about the status of the job:

  • Green: this means the job is finished (plates are made).
  • Blue: the job is in a waiting mode (file upload or approval is required).
  • Red: an error occurred.

Please note that the :Apogee Prepress App does not allow you to interact with the production process. Only remote monitoring is possible.

If more details about the job are available, they will be displayed after clicking the arrow next to the job in the job list overview. In the same overview: a list of generated plates, followed with a preview when available.

:Apogee iPhone App :Apogee iPhone App :Apogee iPhone App :Apogee iPhone App :Apogee iPhone App

Above screen captures: job list overview (click arrow next to a job to see the job details), job details & job preview

List of devices
An overview of the devices will be displayed when clicking the 'Devices' button. If a device is colored in red, this means a problem or error occurred and an intervention is needed.
:Apogee iPhone App :Apogee iPhone App
Why is this Important?
Remote control, wireless connection, ease of use! Just a few words to explain how Agfa Graphics finds a synergy between today's technology and the 'traditional' Prepress production flow. By offering up-to-date technology to our customers, Agfa Graphics commits itself to stay a market leader within the graphic industry.