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HTMLDocumentMar 30, 2022Description of Multi-part support with instructional videos.
HTMLDocumentJun 11, 2021Prepress departments were suffering with template based imposition software. Instead of using pre-defined templates, :Apogee Impose is using job information, such as page size, product part information like cover, body and insert, and available equipment to calculate and propose the optimal imposition scheme.
HTMLDocumentJun 18, 2021Versioning can now automatically recognize and create versions based on the file(s) coming in to Page Store.
HTMLDocumentApr 29, 2019QuickProof is a feature in Prepress that allows you to drag and drop a page, group of pages, or an entire flat on to a proofing device and have Apogee produce a proof. This can all be done from the Page Store, Run List, or Results.
HTMLDocumentApr 26, 2019Accurate spot color mixing is an essential routine in Apogee Prepress. It is used for separation handling while proofing or when getting the overprints correct in case a spot color is combined with any primary or secondary color in print. Also Duotones printed in spot colors, separated towards CMYK or a combination of spot color and normal process color will benefit from this routine.