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Digital Printing

At A Glance
Digital printing is an umbrella for a range of digital printing processes such as digital offset printing presses, digital rotation printing presses or flatbed inkjet presses.

The :Apogee prepress workflow solution can perfectly be integrated within a digital printing solution. As with the traditional prepress workflow for offset, efficiency and consistency are also the key words for the digital printing solution. Due to the flexibility of :Apogee, either a one-to-one combination :Apogee to digital press, or a hybrid combination :Apogee to CtP and digital press is possible.
Check our list of 3th party digital presses supported by our Apogee DigitalPrint Link solution.

Applies To:

Depending on the digital press:
:Apogee Control, :Apogee Manage, :Apogee Integrate
epending on the workflow (see below).

How It Works
Depending on the digital printing press different :Apogee enhancers are needed to complete the digital printing process. Using :Apogee DigitalPrint Link will create a unified prepress workflow solution which manages prepress workflow for traditional offset printing as well as automated on-demand print jobs on digital offset and rotation presses. For the M-Press Tiger, Agfa’s flatbed inkjet digital press, the M-Press link is needed to output :Apogee Prepress jobs.

Having the Digital Print Link installed, the :Apogee user interface will present the operator a set of features regarding the digital press which is integrated. The set of features are defined in an xml-file, exported by the digital press software. Once imported within :Apogee, a dynamic process will start to customize the user interface towards the digital press features.

Parameter Set

Unfortunately, not all digital press vendors support the export of such device capability xml-file. In this case, :Apogee will display a generic user interface containing all possible digital press features. Features that are selected by the operator, but not supported by the digital press software will be ignored.

:Apogee to digital offset printing systems (e.g. Canon and HP)

Applies to: :Apogee Manage, :Apogee Integrate
What do you need?
For Agfa: Apogee Digital Print Link Enhancer + PDF Export
For the digital press: please, consult your digital press sales or service representative for the latest hard- and software requirements. Depending on the digital press brand, different software versions might be required for the 3th party RIP (Creo RIP or Fiery RIP). Also contact your digital press representative for more details.

Although PDF processing is fully integrated in :Apogee Prepress, it is meant for internal processing. Creating PDF files for external delivery will need the PDF export enhancer to create production ready and reliable PDF files.

Check how :Apogee Prepress can perfectly be integrated within a digital printing solution!

Agfa :Apogee Digital Print Link enables to integrate a Canon imagePRESS into existing workflow creating a hybrid environment. More information can be found on the Canon website.

3rd Party Rip

:Apogee to Wide Format Printing (:Anapurna and :Jeti)

What do you need?
Digital Print Link and PDF Export.
These two options will connect the :Apogee Prepress system with the third party RIP (e.g. Wasatch) and send production ready PDF files.

3rd Party Rip2

:Apogee to Industrial Printing (:M-Press Tiger and :M-Press Leopard)

The connection between the :M-Press Tiger or :M-Press Leopard and Apogee workflow is accomplished via the M-Press Link.

Why is this Important?
The Agfa Digital Printing solution supports the traditional prepress solution for offset, as well as the digital printing workflow. By supporting both workflows, a hybrid prepress workflow is created, where jobs easily can be processed for both systems. The pure digital workflow can operate in a parallel mode, or in a complementary to the traditional workflow mode.