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:Apogee StoreFront

At a glance

:Apogee StoreFront is a web-to-print solution that enables you to create and manage online stores for offset as well as digital print. It lets you streamline the ordering and order fulfillment processes while you expand your reach to a broader audience with additional services. Because :Apogee StoreFront is cloud-based and easy to use, you won't have to invest in additional technology or personnel. :Apogee Prepress 8 can automatically download and process orders from :Apogee StoreFront. This reduces the need for double data entry and increases your efficiency.

How it works

:Apogee StoreFront allows you to create and manage online stores or 'storefronts' in which customers can order products. Below is an example of the homepage of such a store, set up for a customer called SunDiver who sell sportswear.

Apogee StoreFront b2b web-to-print store homepage

This is a private store, meaning that only users with a login and password get access. Such stores are typically created for business-to-business (B2B) communication. You can set up an internal approval cycle for all purchases in such a store, enabling your customer to keep track of all of the purchases within their company. Your customer can also be allowed to monitor the stock levels of marketing collateral. Such functions allow you to extend your service offering towards business customers. :Apogee StoreFront also supports the creation of a public or open web-to-print store which is accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Apogee StoreFront b2c web2print offer products

All the products in a store are grouped into categories. When selecting a category the storefront displays all the documents that a shopper can purchase. These can include finished layouts that are printed on demand or delivered from stock. Buyers can upload their own documents to have them printed or they can personalize a templated design. You can even include non-print items, enabling you to offer a warehousing service to your customers.

Apogee StoreFront web-to-print to personalize documents

Clicking on a product icon brings up the product page which contains a preview of the document, the description and available options (quantity, different types of paper, finishing options, etc.) as well as (optionally) the pricing. This content can be made available in multiple languages, which can be essential for setting up stores for international corporations.

Apogee StoreFront web-to-print online editor to customize print

:Apogee StoreFront lets customers design and edit their own documents while maintaining brand guidelines. The Online Editor is ideal for both the occasional print buyer and advanced users. Occasional users will appreciate the easy-to-use forms that allow them to personalize business cards, letterhead or other business documents. Power users will like the advanced editing capabilities for creating or adapting visually-rich publications such as the above flyer. Thanks to the Online Editor, you can offer your customers an innovative way of creating personalized print.

Apogee StoreFront web-to-print checkout online payment gateway

Purchasing print in an :Apogee StoreFront stores resemble using other popular e-commerce solutions that people are already familiar with. This speeds up the deployment of stores and improves their adoption rate. Print orders are either billed separately or stores can be set up to accept online payment. In the latter case customers can pay using a wide range of credit or debit cards, thanks to the integration of a Payment Gateway Service in :Apogee StoreFront.

Apogee StoreFront web-to-print order fulfillment store configuration

Order handling as well as setting up and maintaining storefronts is done through a separate web site which is called StoreCenter.

Apogee StoreFront web-to-print easy setup stores

Creating storefronts in StoreCenter is really easy and doesn't require an in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS or scripting. Your existing staff also uses StoreCenter to define new products and add them to the product range that is offered in each store.

Apogee StoreFront web-to-print dashboard monitor sales

When an administrator, prepress operator or customer service representative accesses StoreCenter they initially see the Dashboard. It provides instant feedback about incoming orders and the status of orders that are in progress.

Apogee StoreFront web-to-print integration automation prepress

:Apogee StoreFront connects seamlessly with the :Apogee Prepress workflow system. :Apogee Manage and Integrate v8 automatically download and process online orders. When a prepress operator arrives in the morning he or she will find all the storefront order items from the previous night in their Apogee Prepress job list, with easy options to filter all web-to-print jobs or merge small orders in a single job to save on prepress, printing and finishing costs.

Operators can also manually download order data as either a PDF or JDF file. This makes :Apogee StoreFront compatible with previous versions of :Apogee Prepress as well as third party workflows and RIPs.

Why is having a web-to-print solution important?

Web-to-print offer advantages for the printer who offers such a service, as well as the customers who use it.

  • Many people are familiar with e-commerce solutions and expect to be able to order products online. :Apogee StoreFront allows you to meet those expectations.
  • Print buyers can order products whenever they want, even outside of regular business hours. The service is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Repeat orders only take a few mouse clicks, saving you and your customer a lot of time.
  • A templated product allows users to quickly customize a document with their information. Because such a customizable document can restrict the use of fonts, logos and images it is easier to maintain the brand identity.
  • Larger companies may work with a chain of franchise stores that need marketing collateral to promote sales. A web-to-print solution offers such a company a tool to manage the resources they make available to their franchisees.
  • A 2011 study by InfoTrends states that 33% of marketers have no form of print inventory management. :Apogee Storefront offers the ability to manage and optimize the marketing supply chain.
  • Users can more easily keep track of order fulfillment.
  • As a printer you can save time and money by reducing the need to have people behind the counter or on the phone to generate quotes, accept incoming orders, follow up, etc. The sales team can focus on new leads, instead of spending time on repeat orders.
  • Web services extend your geographic reach, broadening the potential customer base. Stores are another entry point for orders to flow into the shop.
  • :Apogee StoreFront is an effective tool for improving customer retention, partially by increasing the switching cost. It also assures that larger prospects will not use price as the only area of comparison with the competition.

More information

More detailed product information including a datasheet can be found on the Apogee StoreFront product page. To see StoreFront in action, visit our fictional B2B web-to-print demo store.

More in-depth product information is available about:

Product videos can be found in the Agfa Graphics Youtube channel