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Enhancements to ColorTune Output

ColorTune Output

At A Glance:

ColorTune Output 12.0 incorporates the latest Agfa Advanced CMM library.

Applies To:

ColorTune 12.0 (Apogee Color Quality Manager license)

How It Works:

ColorTune Output is designed to make ICC output profiles for Industrial Inkjet, Commercial Offset Presses, Newspaper Presses and Digital Proofers. Additionally, Multi-color output profiles, Gray output profiles, and RGB output profiles can be produced. Creation of Device Link Profiles and Closed Loop Profile Optimization for CMYK and Multi-color Proofer profiles is also supported.

ColorTune 12.0 contains the latest version of the Agfa Advanced CMM library which makes it compatible with Apogee Prepress 12.0.

ColorTune Output is supported on Windows Operating Systems (64 bit only): Windows 8, Windows 10 + Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019.

Why is this Important?

While there doesn't appear to be much new in this version, keeping up-to-date is important. Additional enhancements are already in the works. Enhancements to file previewing and saving are planned.