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At A Glance
QuickProof is a feature in Apogee Prepress that allows you to drag and drop a page, group of pages, or an entire flat on to a proofing device and have Apogee produce a proof. This can all be done from the Page Store, Run List, or Results.
Proofs created using QuickProof in Apogee Prepress will honor any changes made to the separation output and order settings of the image component parameter that is made in the high resolution device Imaging function for separations and order settings.
Applies To:
Apogee Integrate, Apogee Manage, Apogee Control
How It Works

Exclude Colors
In some jobs you may have a color in your content files, but for whatever reason that color is not intended for output. In earlier Prepress versions, this setting was never taken into account. Now your QuickProof will better reflect the final output of your job.
You can disable this color in the image portion of your high res output device.

TIFF Platesetter - Image

Now, when you perform a QuickProof...

QuickProof - 8P Epson7800

... you will only get the separations selected in the high resolution flow.

8P Epson9880 - Image

Why Is This Important?

Using QuickProof will speed up the proofing of individual correction pages. Proofing parts of a job can be done without have to create flows within the job ticket.