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HTMLDocumentJun 11, 2021Agfa Apogee StoreFront is a web-to-print solution that enables you to create and manage online stores for offset as well as digital print.
HTMLDocumentMay 04, 2016Apogee WebApproval 8 is a web portal that adds file upload and approval capabilities to the Apogee Prepress workflow. It gives customers as well as CSRs (customer service representatives) an up-to-date view on the status of their jobs, 24/7 and from any location with internet access.
HTMLDocumentApr 29, 2019Computer to plate has changed the way plates are produced, especially regarding the deadline. :Apogee Prepress and PlateMaker support any CtP device to deliver plates in time before the press starts.
HTMLDocumentJun 27, 2018InkDrive has several new features. The most important new feature is the ability to context-click on a result and re-send the InkDrive data for that flat. This allows the user to send only a single re-make.
HTMLDocumentFeb 04, 2015To shorten the setup time in the finishing department, :Apogee Prepress can generate page and cutting information which can be consumed by JDF/JMF capable finishing equipment. Cutting blocks are transferred through JDF to the cutting devices, which support JMF information.
HTMLDocumentMay 08, 2013:Apogee Integrate is designed to accommodate the production needs of large commercial printing operations. For maximum automation, communication through JDF is provided to connect :Apogee Integrate with any JDF enabled MIS system. Through JDF intake, prepress tasks are defined and jobs are automatically processed.
HTMLDocumentApr 02, 2019Digital Light Table, Marquee Zoom and Color Managed Preview in Raster Preview of Apogee PlateMaker 7.
HTMLDocumentApr 30, 2019Since Apogee 7 it is no longer possible to put jobs on hold that are currently being plated or have been pre-fetched. Also, jobs that are sent to the platesetter without user intervention are automatically sent to the Handled list in the PlateMaker Client.