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HTMLDocumentJun 11, 2021With built-in colour management and output quality control, the :Apogee Prepress system delivers absolute proofing accuracy. In case of soft proofing it is the Display Task processor that delivers color accurate previews on display and tracks and adjusts the monitor quality of all soft proof workstations within the :Apogee workflow.
HTMLDocumentJun 11, 2021Agfa has created a new task processor for the preflighting of PDFs. This new task processor is called Apogee Preflight. It performs the same task as the original Preflight task processor that used the Enfocus preflight engine. The new Apogee Preflight task processor will be a standard component of Apogee Prepress.
HTMLDocumentMar 30, 2022It is Agfa's "XM" - Cross Modulation screening technology for sheetfed offset, web offset, newspaper, book, packaging and flexo printing. Presenting an "Intelligent" screening with in the mid-tones "Amplitude Modulated" screening and in the highlights and shadows a "Frequency Modulated" way of screening.
HTMLDocumentJun 17, 2021Parameter sets in :APOGEE Prepress can be tuned to force white knockout like was possible previously with the CPSI Renderer.
HTMLDocumentJun 18, 2021ColorTune Output 7 incorporates the latest Agfa Advanced CMM library.
HTMLDocumentJun 18, 2021New targets and new reading capabilities have been added to ColorTune Measure. Enhancements to the 3D visualization tools have been made. Now it is possible to print an ISO validation directly on the proof with the Epson x900 series when equipped with a built-in spectrophotometer.
HTMLDocumentJun 18, 2021ColorTune Spot supports more reading devices and exports swatches to Adobe Applications
HTMLDocumentJun 18, 2021Improved softproof validation, support for Eizo monitor with built-in spectrophotometer in Agfa Apogee Prepress 7
HTMLDocumentMar 30, 2022Apogee Prepress 7 allows you to generate smoother-looking text for proofs using the PDFRender.